The Global Leader in Cloud-Based Training Labs

Hatsize is the leading global provider of cloud-based training labs for software and hardware products. As a cloud service, Hatsize has successfully delivered over 2 million hours of hands-on training sessions for some of the world’s fastest growing technology and training organizations including Symantec, Juniper Networks, New Horizons, MicroTek and Palo Alto Networks.

Hatsize was founded in 2000 based on two key principles:

  1. Hands-on training and practice is more effective than just listening to an instructor or reading about a subject because it actively engages the student and accelerates real learning.
  2. Online learning is more cost effective than in-person training and it enables students to learn from anywhere.

Hatsize combined these two principles and developed a next generation training lab platform that can be used to deliver both instructor-led and self-paced training to students located anywhere in the world as a hosted cloud service or through a client’s own datacenters.

Before Hatsize, hands-on software and hardware training sessions were difficult to set up and expensive to deliver online, especially when they needed to be quickly customized and accessed by people in different locations.

Using Hatsize, training is much easier now. Hatsize offers an integrated cloud-based training lab platform that enables organizations to move all of their IT training – both instructor-led and self-paced – to the cloud and use Hatsize’s automated solution to manage it effectively.

Hatsize is a privately-owned company whose investors include Golden Seeds and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). It is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Hatsize leadership team combines global enterprise and e-learning experience from companies such as Sun, HP, Oracle, Saba, Elluminate, Blackboard and Citrix.


“There is no substitute for hands-on. Thanks for helping me present a meaningful hands-on lab to my students. I really enjoy working with you.” – Norman Adamek, Juniper Networks Instructor

“Hatsize is a game changer specializing in very sophisticated lab environments that can span the virtual and physical universe.” – David Strom, Web Informant

“The kind of software Hatsize provides is becoming more important in the cloud.” – Rachel Chalmers, 451 Group Analyst

Hatsize History of Innovation and Leadership

2013 Turnkey VMware and Microsoft labs and vouchers introduced

2012 Singapore datacenter opened | U.S. datacenter opened | ASTech Innovation in Information and Communications Technology Award received

2010 $4 million in financing raised

2009 Frankfurt datacenter opened | First major channel partner signed

2007 First sales demo customer signed

2006 World class infrastructure built

2005 Hatsize 3.0 released | Revenue increased by more than 5 times year-over-year

2004 Hatsize 2.0 released | Profitability achieved

2003 Hatsize 1.2 released | First subscription customer signed

2002 First pay-per-use customer launched

2001 Seed round of funding raised

2000 Hatsize founded | Proof of concept prototype completed