Hatsize Product Overview

Hatsize provides cloud-based training labs for software and hardware products. Now instead of having to travel to a classroom that has expensive lab equipment, any student located anywhere in the world can get hands-on access at any time to an individualized software and hardware training environment, which is delivered as a cloud service.

Before Hatsize, hands-on software and hardware training sessions were difficult to set up and expensive to deliver, especially when they needed to be quickly customized and accessed by multiple people in different locations.

Using Hatsize, training is much easier now. We provide a single integrated cloud-based training lab platform so you can easily move all of your instructor-led and self-paced technology training to the cloud and use our automated solution to manage it.


Here is a quick overview of key Hatsize product features:

  • Instructor and student Web client
  • Built-in mentoring and collaboration tools
  • API for integration
  • Complex lab configurations
  • On-demand and scheduled access
  • Automated provisioning
  • Administration tools
  • Distributed data center support
  • Branding

For a deeper look into our capabilities, check out our Product Features.


Hatsize is a leading, global, cloud-based training lab platform. We have delivered over two million hours of training labs worldwide to leading technology companies and training institutions. Here are some of the key Hatsize benefits that our clients experience.

  • Eliminate travel costs and provide online software and hardware training anywhere at any time
  • Decrease hardware equipment costs for training by up to 70%
  • Increase revenues through global customer, partner, and sales training
  • Save time by using cloud-based training labs that are automatically built, configured, refreshed, and reused
  • Improve learning through online collaboration and mentoring tools
  • Deliver scheduled and on-demand sessions, as needed, from a single system

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