Hatsize Partners

Hatsize partners are recognized technology leaders, ensuring our customers receive the benefit of seamless integration and world-class end user experiences. We share the common goal of providing customers with cloud-enabled demos and training session solutions that are scalable and reliable, and integrate our Hatsize platform seamlessly with customers’ existing applications and technologies.




Arroyo360 is dedicated to helping a global client base transform their learning environments into modern, high performing, and economically viable centers of excellence. Through a blend of consulting, development, and specialized technologies, the Arroyo360 team tackles critical initiatives to lower costs, produce new revenue streams, modernize technologies, enhance data insights and improve customer experience. Follow Arroyo360 on Twitter @Arroyo360 or visit


ByteStor IT Services

ByteStor Information Technology Services LLP (BITS) is an IT Consultancy and Services company based in Hyderabad, India. BITS offers remote labs for a full range of IT domains, encompassing core curricula, advanced technologies and customized configuration. Labs are available on hourly, daily and weekly basis. For more information, go to



Equinix is the world”s largest IBX data centre & colocation provider, offering the fastest application performance and lowest latency, carrier independent routes worldwide.


HP Developer & Solution Partner

As an HP partner, Hatsize is part of a growing group of like-minded leaders and innovative developers of IT solutions. This partnership provides us with resources that enable Hatsize to develop, demonstrate, and deploy solutions on industry-leading HP technologies.


Microsoft Certified Partner

Our partnership with Microsoft provides Hatsize access to the most up-to-date technology available for developing cutting-edge Microsoft labs. This partnership also allows Hatsize to provide its customers with Microsoft operating systems and applications on a hosted, monthly rental basis.




By partnering with MicroTek, Hatsize has been able to further expand in the corporate training market. This partnership allows Hatsize to offer industry-leading Virtual Learning Solutions to MicroTek’s existing customer base. Hatsize removes the constraints of a physical classroom environment and enables MicroTek’s customers to provide their students with fully cloud-enabled simulations. This allows for greater scalability and cost savings.


VMware Alliance

vmware partner
Since 2000, Hatsize has collaborated closely with VMware to provide clients with the support needed to deliver live cloud automation environments. A key feature of our Hatsize systems is the ability to manage VMware-based lab machines over the web. VMware, Inc. was founded in 1998 to bring mainframe-class virtual machines to industry-standard computers. VMware is the global leader of virtual machine software for Intel computers.



Whipcord is a Canadian technology services provider offering world class colocation, continuity, cloud, and network services at their Tier III designed data center facilities in Canada.


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