Meet Our Clients

Many of today’s leading technology and training organizations have chosen to work with Hatsize to meet their unique cloud-based training needs.

Whether they are delivering virtual instructor-led training or self-paced training, organizations have put their trust in Hatsize:

  • American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • Arrow
  • Certification Partners
  • Microtek
  • Trimble
  • Veritas


Applications of Hatsize


Hatsize supports custom software and hardware training (virtual instructor-led and self-paced), academic training and more.



Train Your SEs and Partners

Training SEs and partners before a product is released is the key to quickly ramping sales. The faster this happens, the faster you can drive revenue. This revenue is incremental and is not typically realized at the end of a product’s life cycle.

A 30-day reduction in the time it takes to train SEs and partners can result in:

  • 15% higher revenues
  • 45% higher net profits
  • Reduced cost of product launch
  • Better sales support of your product positioning and brand benefits

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Educate Customers

Increase your customer education revenues by 15% or more by delivering hands-on classes over the Web. Reduced travel budgets and heavy workloads have tech company customers looking for training options that are both flexible and effective. To meet these needs, Hatsize provides high quality, reasonably-priced, cloud-based training solutions. Hatsize allows students and instructors to interact in ways formerly possible only in a traditional classroom. In fact, the Hatsize environment mirrors the traditional, lab-based classroom environments at most corporate IT training centers.

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Share Expertise Globally

IT resources are always in heavy demand. And nothing is scarcer than the specialized knowledge your subject matter experts have acquired throughout their careers. The constant challenges include how to get these experts in front of your worldwide clients, and how to efficiently tap their knowledge when training your employees and partners. With Hatsize systems, your expert resources are now available to deliver hands-on demos and training anywhere and anytime – without the need to travel.

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Launch Your Products

Hatsize helps clients shorten time to first revenue for new software and hardware offerings with global product launches over the Web. Cloud-based virtual and physical sessions allow sales teams to increase their productivity while providing hands-on demonstrations and trials for your customers. Alternatively, your customers can also evaluate new technology at their own pace, and in their own location.

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Demo to Prospects

Demonstrating an advanced hardware or software product to a prospect in another city or country used to be a costly and logistically-demanding endeavor. In addition to travel and setup demands, customer environments often present another challenge: unsuitable customer infrastructure and configuration to properly demonstrate your new offering. Hatsize provides the perfect environment for your technology to shine.

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Run Proof-of-Concept Trials

Before purchasing and integrating a new technology into their infrastructure, many companies want to assess feasibility up front with a thorough proof-of-concept trial. Hatsize clients particularly like the capability to deliver custom complex cloud-based trials to their worldwide customer base, providing a robust and realistic assessment for their new product offering. Trial costs and time to sale are both significantly decreased.

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“Any revenue we can move forward is revenue we’d never get otherwise. It’s almost pure profit, so moving revenue into the first quarter of a product release is critical.”

Hatsize Customer – $10 Million Vendor

“The most important factors we’ve experienced with using Hatsize cloud-enabled automated sessions is the ability to close the deal: we are able to build a relationship with the prospect, show our product and how to implement the product.”

Conrad Ogletree – DJM


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