Hatsize Partners with Arroyo360

By Hatsize

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CALGARY, ALBERTA – November 14, 2017 – Hatsize Learning Corporation partners with Arroyo360, the online training and learning system provider.  Arroyo360 will distribute Hatsize learning labs allowing the Calgary based lab provider to reach new and existing clients more effectively, while at the same time helping Arroyo360 customers easily transition or modernize their online learning.

“Collaborating with Arroyo360 allows Hatsize to reach new customers interested in incorporating online learning into their staff or student training.” Hatsize CEO Ryan Hoult says. “We are excited to see where this partnership takes us.”

Based in Austin, Texas, Arroyo360 uses a blend of eMarketing and eLearning to maximize the success of its client’s online events, physical events and learning systems. The partnership will allow Arroyo360 to help clients that are undergoing changes to either augment existing, or spin up new training programs.  They will help with client transitions from physical to virtual, and also consult on custom integrations.

Hatsize and Arroyo360 both strive to provide the best quality products to suit their customer’s needs. The partnership will allow both companies to continue to offer innovative and effective methods of online training to current and potential customers.  For those interested, schedule a free demo at https://arroyo360.com/request-hatsize-demo/.


About Hatsize Learning Corporation

Since 2000, Hatsize Learning Corporation has been a global leader in providing cloud-based training labs for software products and IT systems. Hatsize enables its clients to provide virtual desktop training to students anywhere in the world, using any modern internet browser, and is available 24/7/365. Hatsize offers both instructor led and self-scheduled training options that are customizable and ready to fit any requirements. With Hatsize, training is more practical, better equipped, uninhibited by physical limitations and available at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional in-classroom learning. Follow Hatsize on Twitter @Hatsize or visit Hatsize.com.


About Arroyo360

Arroyo360 is dedicated to helping a global client base transform their learning environments into modern, high performing, and economically viable centers of excellence.  Through a blend of consulting, development, and specialized technologies, the Arroyo360 team tackles critical initiatives to lower costs, produce new revenue streams, modernize technologies, enhance data insights and improve customer experience.  Follow Arroyo360 on Twitter @Arroyo360 or visit Arroyo360.com.