Hatsize Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about your privacy on our website or our treatment of your data, you can reach our data protection officer by contacting us.


Anonymous data

If you’re not logged into a Hatsize account, we don’t collect any personally identifiable data.

Your IP address and user agent are temporarily stored in our server logs. We don’t do anything with this data except if we have to analyze it for traffic problems. Log files are deleted after thirty days, and from all backups thirty days after that.

We use Google Analytics to monitor our web traffic and help us improve our product’s performance. This data is safeguarded by Google’s own privacy policies. See the cookies section below for more about Google and how to opt out of your data being collected.

We don’t make any attempts to anonymous users or track them outside of our website. We don’t carry any advertising.

Personal data

If you register for a Hatsize account we store your name (and/or unique ID), and the email address you provided. In addition, we will store a phone number if you provided on the Hatsize Corporate “Contact Us” form. Please see section titled the “Hatsize Corporate Website” below. This is for the sole purposes of the providing the core functionality of the Hatsize service(s) and if we need to contact you about your account. We also store your time zone preferences. This is to provide specific Hatsize functionality.

Hatsize will not give, sell, rent, share, or trade any of your personal information or any data that you store using our services to any third party except as outlined in this Policy or with your consent. We may disclose information to a third party to (a) comply with laws or respond to lawful requests and legal process.

We won’t move your data outside of our own servers except when necessary for the explicit purpose of providing our service to you. For example: if we send you an email, your address may pass through a third-party service. See more about email contact below.

Your name and email address are visible to any authorized Hatsize employee with the appropriate access controls.

We have no access to personal credit card numbers or personal financial information.

Account activity

When you log into your Hatsize account we store your IP address, the time you signed in, and (if possible) the time you sign out. This log is stored in our database, but it is deleted if your account is closed. Your project team members will be able to see when you last logged in. IP addresses are stored for the sole purpose of providing technical support and performance monitoring as latency between our servers and a consumer of our services is a critical customer satisfaction indicator.

We log page views and certain actions via Google Analytics while you’re logged in to the Hatsize Web Portal (for virtual labs). We analyze this so we can see which features are the most popular, and which ones are not being used. This is the information we share with Google Analytics: username, and user role. Beyond this we don’t send any personally identifiable data to Google beyond the browser information and IP address Google collects according to its own policies.

Uploaded content

If you have a Hatsize Account you may be entering or uploading your own content to our servers. We store this for the sole purpose of providing you with the service. We do not sell, share or otherwise distribute your content.

Single sign-on

Hatsize uses third party APIs to provide entirely optional single sign-on (SSO) functionality.

Using these SSO service providers via Hatsize requires you grant us access to your account with the service provider via the provided user flow, (“Connecting”) which means we never see your password. We will only retrieve and store the data required to provide you with our service, which includes the same personal data as above, including your name (or unique ID), and possibly email address (if provided).

We may also store the access credentials for a given service you’ve granted. You can revoke these at any time via the service provider and also via your Hatsize account dashboard. We do not use these access credentials to routinely analyse or profile you.

Email contact

Transactional emails are sent only to you, such as password resets relating directly to your account. If you provided your personal information via our Hatsize Corporate website “contact form” we will provide marketing material. Please see the section below titled “Hatsize Corporate Website”.

When sending this type of email we may use our preferred third party sending service like Google, Amazon. This involves your email address being passed securely to one of those services for the purpose of delivery.

When sending emails in bulk we may use a third-party service such as MailGun, Google, or Amazon for delivery. When you register with your email address we will add you to a single mailing list for this purpose. Please also refer to the section on the Hatsize Corporate Website below.

Destroying your data

If you ask us to close your account all your personal data and content will be removed permanently from all sources we control except for any virtual lab usage information that we’re obliged to keep for tax or legal reasons.

Use of cookies

Hatsize sets cookies in your browser from the first time you visit our Hatsize Corporate website or Hatsize Services (web portal). Our cookies are not intended to invade your privacy or identify you personally. The cookies we set are for the following purposes:

• to keep you logged in to your account after signing in;
• to remember user preferences between page views;
• to establish ‘returning visitors’ in Google Analytics;
If you don’t know what cookies are, detailed information can be found at aboutcookies.org.

Session cookies

These cookies don’t persist after you log out of your account or close your browser (they are ‘session cookies’) and should be deleted by your web browser when it exits.

1. Logging into Hatsize is not possible without accepting three session cookies named PHPSESSID, SESSION, and LVSERVERID. Each identifier is stored in our database in order to provide the core functionality of the Hatsize service. PHPSESSID cookie expires in two days. The other two cookies expire at the end of your session (for example when a user closes their browser).

Persistent cookies

These cookies are “persistent” meaning they are not deleted when you close your browser, although they have expiry dates after which your browser will delete them automatically.

2. Google Analytics sets first party cookies on behalf of our Internet domain. These cookies persist for up to two years if you don’t clear them from your browser. If you don’t want Google Analytics cookies to collect your data, Google provide an opt-out method in the form of a browser add-on.

3. By continuing to use our website or use the Hatsize services you’ve given us consent to store these cookies.

Deleting cookies

Cookies may have been set by our website before you had a chance to read this document, but you can delete them. To delete cookies from your computer follow these instructions for your specific browser.

It is safe to delete any of the cookies set by the Hatsize website. Please note that you will be logged out of any Hatsize Service accounts or virtual labs you may be accessing.

Refusing cookies

It’s not possible to use the Hatsize Services without our servers attempting to set cookies, but you can block them via your browser. You can use access and browse the Hatsize Corporate Website without cookies enabled.

Blocking cookies will have no detrimental effect when you’re logged out of your account but blocking some cookies will prevent you from logging in or using the Hatsize Services (Virtual Cloud Based Labs).

Third parties

Third party cookies are never sent back to the Hatsize website, because your browser should only send them to their originating domain. This means we have no access to the data they contain, nor any power to remove or modify them.

If you are worried about the presence of third parties, we recommend you block third party cookies completely via your browser settings. Blocking third party cookies will not prevent any core functionality of the Hatsize service from operating.

Hatsize Corporate Website

In general, we use your personal information to process your requests or transactions, to provide you with information or services you request, to inform you about other information, events, promotions, products or services we think will be of interest to you, to facilitate your use of, and our administration and operation of, the Web site and services and to otherwise serve you and our users.
For example, we may use your personal information:
• to conduct marketing analysis, to send you surveys or newsletters, to contact you about services, products, activities, special events or offers from Hatsize or our partners and for other marketing, informational, product development and promotional purposes;
• to respond to your emails, submissions, comments, requests or complaints; to perform after-sales services;
• to anticipate and resolve problems with our service;
• to respond to customer support inquiries, for assistance with our product and service development;
• and to inform you of updates to products and services from Hatsize that better meet your needs.

Bulk email from Reply.io that you receive on behalf of Hatsize for marketing or sales purposes will have an unsubscribe link allowing you to opt out at any time.

Policy Clarification

EU: General Data Protection Regulation
Whether visitors are from the United States, the EU, or Canada they can be confident that Hatsize meets or exceeds the personal information protection requirements of these major bodies and many others that have enacted similar acts or laws. Our commitment to data protection is modeled closely on the principals of GDPR and we are confident that we meet our commitments under this law.

If you’d like to know more about the EU General Data Protection Regulation please refer to the Official Journal of the European Union: EU Regulation 2016/679.

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