Product Delivery Options

Hatsize Delivery Options

Hatsize customers can choose to have their labs hosted in one or more of the Hatsize Cloud datacenters or in a customer’s own datacenters (or in both).


Hatsize Hosting Locations

To ensure that Hatsize customers around the world experience the best possible performance, the Hatsize Cloud is hosted in datacenters in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Interactive labs are particularly sensitive to network delays, which is why it is so important for global companies to deliver labs from a global network. When users click a button on a web page, they expect a delay before getting a response, but when students move their mouse on a remote lab machine, they expect the mouse pointer to respond very quickly.


The best way to ensure responsiveness in a remote lab is to minimize the network latency between the user and the remote lab. When students connect to a datacenter located in their own geographic region, their training labs are much more responsive due to lower network latency.


Hatsize uses state-of-the-art datacenters and infrastructure, resulting in industry leading uptime, security, and the flexibility to handle nearly any lab, regardless of size or complexity.



Customer Datacenters

Hatsize labs can also be delivered through a client’s own datacenters. This option is normally chosen only when a client has a significant investment in lab equipment and specialized devices.


Because the Hatsize solution is centrally managed, you can schedule labs in each datacenter from a single, easy-to-use interface, even if you use both Hatsize Cloud datacenters and your own datacenters.

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“Hatsize specializes in very sophisticated lab environments that can span the virtual and physical universe. They can dynamically provision resources between your on-premise and cloud computers, and run on various hypervisors and OSs. They have their own custom browser applet that can control remote access and file transfers to the cloud environment. If you are trying to showcase a product for several hundred people across the globe and don’t want a lot of network latency, this is the place to go.”

David Strom – Web Informant

“The kind of software Hatsize provides is becoming more important in the cloud.”

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