Product Features

Hatsize Product Features

Hatsize is a full featured, cloud-based training lab platform for technology companies and training organizations looking to offer revenue generating technical product training delivered as a cloud service. Since 2000, Hatsize has continually delivered advanced functionality to meet the most rigorous global software and hardware training demands, while also remaining easy to administer and use. Here is a list of some of the key features:

Instructor and Student Web Client

Powerful instructor tools such as over-the-shoulder, take control, raise hand, class chat and broadcast
Easily monitor student progress & offer assistance
No plugins needed – Globally accessible with a browser
Quickly & easily schedule training for just a few or several dozen with the self-scheduling tool
Automatically notify students of enrollments and remind them of upcoming events
Integrated & secure training materials

Easily view and assist students

Complex Lab Configurations


The Hatsize cloud-based training lab platform supports a broad range of operating systems, virtual and physical devices, and complex network configurations to enable you to build learning environments that closely model how people use your technology in production environments.

Supported Systems and Devices:

Windows (XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10)
Windows Server (2008/2012)
Virtual Switches
Virtual Storage Arrays
Virtual Appliances


Administration Tools

Scheduling System:

For live classes: Makes it easy to enroll students, reserve the lab resources needed for an entire class, automatically configure all lab systems before the class starts, and assign each lab environment to the appropriate student.
For self-paced sessions: Gives students the ability to schedule their own lab session or start a session on-demand.


Administrators have the option of setting each student’s lab environment to be saved after every session. When the student launches their next session, they will start where they left off at the end of the previous session.


The Hatsize portal provides a business intelligence engine that keeps track of who accessed which labs at what time and for how long, information that is extremely valuable for capacity planning and for measuring the success of your learning programs.

Role-based Security:

Control which functions are available to your users based on their roles, including participants, schedulers, managers, and administrators.

Image Management System:

Hatsize has a self-serve image management system (IMS), allowing course developers to control master images without requiring any intervention from Hatsize personnel. The IMS gives course developers powerful tools for updating labs in a self-serve model, with version control allowing them to experiment and test variations before publishing for use.

Using HTML5 technology, no browser plugins are required, making the solution platform independent. The auto StateSave® feature ensures no work is ever lost and the easy-to-use, powerful system provides course developers both freedom and time savings.

Published API

Our extensive API makes it easy to integrate the Hatsize cloud-based training lab system with your learning management system (LMS), education portal, user authentication directory, or other components of your learning solution.

API functions include:

  • User management
  • Scheduling
  • Authentication for single sign-on


Distributed Data Center Support


With the high growth rate of education in international markets, companies need to ensure that all of their customers are well served, regardless of their location. In order to give all students fast response times from their online labs, Hatsize supports a distributed network of worldwide data centers. This includes customer data centers, when required.

Branding and Partner Management System


Your Hatsize environment is easily “skinnable” to show your organization’s own branding.

Hatsize also has a system for managing your training partners. This allows software companies to give each of their partners an individually branded portal with access to a standardized set of hosted training labs, while also providing them with a self-serve interface for scheduling their own classes.

The partner management system gives software vendors unprecedented control over partner training solutions, making end-users happier and reducing the support burden.

The system can also be used to give partners the tools they need to demo advanced software products or run proof-of-concept trials.



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