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Hatsize has the tools your software company needs to provide hands-on training to your customers. Using our cloud-based training labs, we offer both instructor led and self-paced training sessions, where students can independently access training labs at their convenience.

We also provide the ability to deliver demos of advanced software products or run proof-of-concept trials anytime, anywhere, without the need for travel.

Hatsize’s full featured cloud-based training labs reduce the costs typically associated with on-site training, as our online labs can be accessed remotely from a modern browser. Instructors can dynamically manage the level of collaboration between themselves and students, allowing for instructor control of a training session and the ability to monitor progress unobtrusively using “over the shoulder” tools.


  • Deliver instructor-led and self-paced training using the same equipment
  • Accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere without downloads or plug-ins
  • Accelerate training and demo reload cycles from days to minutes
  • LMS integration via our open API
  • Schedule in advance or on-demand
  • Fully automated and reliable provisioning and reset
  • Automated distribution to our global data centers

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