Virtual Training

Knowledgeable people are always in heavy demand. The constant challenge is how to get your valuable experts in front of worldwide clients and efficiently tap their knowledge when training your employees and partners. With Hatsize, your expert resources are now available to deliver hands-on demos, training, and individual mentorship anywhere and anytime – without the need to travel.





Reduce Costs for On-Site Training

Hatsize provides the ability to schedule one-to-many remote complex software training sessions. Our solution can accomodate multiple instructors in a single training session and the level of collaboration can be managed dynamically by the instructor. Instructors can also monitor a student’s progress unobtrusively using “over the shoulder” tools.


Students can independently access training sessions between or after training sessions for additional practice. These sessions can be initiated for this by the student, but the duration can be constrained by the instructor if required. Self-paced training can be offered on a promotional basis over the web to attract early adopters.


Certification Tracking

Many enterprises build a profit centre around product proficiency certification. Certification increases product adoption rates, improves product visibility, and provides value for both the student and the enterprise. Hatsize allows you to track, record, and report certification progress in real-time and allows you to combine this data with in-house customer demographics.

Hatsize Proven ROI:

Deliver instructor-led and self-paced training using the same equipment
Globally to anyone, anytime, and anywhere
Accelerate training and demo reload cycles from days to minutes
Eliminate travel and equipment costs
Scheduled in advance or on-demand
Fully automated provisioning and reset

See Hatsize Training Labs in Action

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Reduce Costs Traditionally Required for On-Site Training

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“On demand training gets the material out earlier, makes it available when users need it and it is very cost effective as well.”

Ed Baker – Oracle/Sun Microsystems

“We need the training and hands-on experience, but too frequently boot-camps and classes compete for billable hours. Self-paced cloud-enabled remote labs remove many of hurdles by making “just-in-time” learning practical.”

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