Hatsize Support Overview

Hatsize uniquely supports your virtual, physical and heterogeneous training lab sessions with our expert professional services and a range of helpdesk support options.

Since Hatsize was founded in 2000, we have helped many training companies, academic institutions, associations and leading technology companies provide global hands-on training to their students, members, staff, Sales Engineers (SEs), prospects, partners and customers.

Hatsize clients such as American Health Information Management, MicroTek, and Veritas have chosen Hatsize to support their virtual and remote training lab requirements.

Hatsize is 100% committed to customer success and ensuring their students succeed with Hatsize’s “Learning by Doing” labs.

Self Help System

The Self Help Knowledge Base is organized into different categories. As well as being categorized, you can search the entire knowledgebase. Using keywords in the search boxes provided throughout the system.

System Checker

Users connecting to a Hatsize environment for the first time or experiencing connectivity issues are encouraged to run the Hatsize system checker. The Hatsize system checker will determine if a connection can be established from your desktop to Hatsize. The system checker is useful if you suspect your connectivity issues may be related to your machine, company firewall, or proxy server.

Customer Support Form

Current clients of Hatsize may submit support tickets through our on-line ticketing system. You will be directed to the right expert for your question, who will stay with you until your question has been answered or issues resolved.


“We have worked with a number of individuals at Hatsize and found them knowledgeable, capable and also easy to communicate with and they have become a great partner. They continue to provide enhancements and have always been open to requests from our staff.”

Todd Hopkins – Certification Partners

“I want to compliment your support today. Your emails were informative and quick. I understood what was happening with my event. This was very calming as I knew why and what to expect. Excellent support!”

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